Wound Care 101

Wound Care 101

How to Treat Cuts and Scrapes

No matter how careful you are, cuts and scrapes happen to everyone from time to time. They can be the result from an endless variety of daily mishaps, but generally, these sorts of wounds require the same kind of care to heal.

Here are five steps to effectively treat cuts and scrapes and help your skin heal.

What to Do Right Away

Regardless of how severe the wound is, it’s always important to stop what you’re doing and wash your hands. Clean hands can help prevent infection. After your hands are nice and clean,  treat the wound right away.

Clean the Wound

Rinse the affected area in cool, running water. This will help wash away any lodged debris and germs. Just use water! Anything harsher could irritate the wound, so avoid alcohol or peroxide.

Apply Ointment

Most cuts and scrapes will stop bleeding on their own after you apply a bit of pressure. At this point, gently place a thin layer of an antibiotic ointment, such as Bacitraycin Plus first aid antibiotic ointment, onto the affected area. This helps protect the wound from bacteria and encourages faster healing by keeping the environment moist.

Cover the Wound

Next, cover the area with some gauze or a loose bandage. If the cut or scrape is in a location where you don’t believe the ointment can be transferred or the wound irritated, then you can choose to leave it uncovered. However, moist environments can help encourage faster healing.

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If you cover the wound, change the dressing daily, and consider leaving the wound uncovered after the wound has closed to help promote healing. You can usually uncover the wound after five or so days.

Help the Wound Heal

Once the cut or scrape starts to heal, typically within three to seven days, resist the urge to pick at the scab. Also, avoid subjecting the area to friction or too much exposure. Preventing the wound from reopening will make the formation of a scar less likely and help you heal faster.

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