Wound Care 101

Wound Care 101

Bacitracin vs. Neomycin

When it comes to helping your skin bounce back from a superficial injury, there are lots of products on the market. (And a lot of opinions, too.) But a first-aid antibiotic ointment is one of the best options. It can help you avoid infection and keep your skin clean throughout the healing process.

Bacitracin and neomycin are both common antibiotic ingredients and are found in topical ointments. They’re known to help promote a bacteria-free environment for wound healing. But which one is best to use?

Here’s what you need to know about each of these options:


This antibiotic will kill bacteria in wounds, but it won’t work against fungi or viruses. However, it’s very effective for keeping superficial wounds sterile and helping promote quick healing.

One key thing about bacitracin is that it will prevent infections by stopping bacterial growth but may not kill all existing bacteria.

Both antibiotic ingredients are used in topical ointments. Which one is best?

Like all antibiotics, bacitracin is effective against a specific spectrum of bacteria. Bacitraycin Plus is the only national brand first aid antibiotic ointment that contain bacitracin as its sole antibiotic ingredient, plus moisturizing aloe vera to keep wounds clean and moist.


Another component of popular first aid ointments is neomycin. Like bacitracin, it will inhibit bacterial growth but isn’t effective against fungi or viruses.

You’ll most commonly find neomycin as one component in multi-ingredient antibiotic ointment. One of the most readily available combinations is that of neomycin, bacitracin, and polymyxin, which is available over-the-counter.

One of the key drawbacks of neomycin is the significant risk of allergic reaction. And since your skin absorbs it, you should avoid overuse and only use it for shallow wounds.

What to Keep in Mind

Dermatologists and surgeons alike recommend bacitracin over neomycin because of its increased protection against infections and low rate of allergic reaction. Bacitraycin Plus offers two formulations of first aid antibiotic ointment to help treat minor cuts, scrapes and burns with this dermatologist and surgeon preferred ingredient.

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